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MacBook Air -better than you could ever possibly imagine!

MacBook Air is one of the newest, most convenient and most stylish laptops available in the market. It is one of the top choices for user who look in a notebook portability and high performance. Whether for your office, for using it while you travel, or for domestic use, you will always find a model of MacBook Air that fits your preferences.

You may feel unsure about spending your money, but there are plenty of MacBook deals that will allow you to make this investment. After all, you deserve it! Once you learn only a few things about these incredible laptops, you will understand why purchasing a MacBook Air is a wise decision.

MacBook Air deals

This line of new computers by Apple is so thin that you definitely have to see it to believe it. If you call it portable, you are wrong! The actual word to describe it is ultraportable: thinner than a book, MacBook computers are the living proof that Apple learned a lot from the iPad. Designed around all-flash storage, it guarantees a better reliability and faster responsiveness.

New Macbook Air

There’s no room here to describe every single one of the wonderful features of MacBook Air. However, we may give you a hint Featuring, there is an exclusive trackpad with full Multi-Touch support (don’t we all love to touch?). The buttonless design allows you to click anywhere, but not just that! You get to swipe, pinch, rotate an image, zoom in or out, or advance through photos. Try using the unique three-finger drag if you want to move your windows!

New Macbook Air

Other features include 8GB memory, 256GB flash storage, which lets you access your data as quickly as you need, and the amazing Intel HD 6000 graphics that will allow users to enjoy all kinds of multimedia fun. Inside the inside the MacBook Air unibody display comes the great FaceTime camera, which out-thins the one inside the latest iPhone.

And if you had given up on notebooks because you are tired of the eternal struggle with low-running batteries, you will be pleased to know that these incredible powerful batteries provide power for hours, and hours (despite the small size!). In standby mode, batteries may last a whole month (yes, you read well: a month with its thirty days!).

MacBook Air computers come in two different sizes. The latest models MJVE2LL/A is 13.3 inches, as for MJVM2LL/A, they come in 11.6 inches. These new models use 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 (Turbo Boost up to 2.7GHz) with 3MB shared L3 cache. Nonetheless, they have proven themselves superior to the previous models, with an overall better performance (which you can check if you enjoy 3-D games, for example). Their Flash storage is astoundingly fast, and its capacity has not affected the performance. Even so, most important, despite their amazingly convenient size, every singe inch of these babies is pure Mac!

Now you know why you should get a convenient MacBook deal today! Try once this amazing laptop and, after that, we guarantee there’s no turning back!

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