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New netbooks

When we mention about new netbooks it doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re referring to real and new gadgets, it only means that we push you to apply for new gadgets, because they’re more effective and in this way you’re sure of the feedback that you’re receiving. Another important thing that you have to know is that with this topic we’re going to end the list of top 10 netbooks and we’re certain that you already made a decision, but don’t make it for sure until you read about the examples shared here.

So, there’s also the Samsung GO N310 we want to add about and which occupies the 8th spot in our little top. All of these gadgets here are really effective and we’re certain that you’re going to love taking them into account. We’re speaking about this gadget that has a starting price of $480 and which won’t let you down for sure.

Samsung GO N310

This gadget has at the basis the Intel Atom Processor with a speed of 1.6 GHz and it’s also not a new thing for a mini notebook, in fact it’s the most common feature that you encounter in such gadgets. The processor has a speed of 1GB and it’s really effective in the same time. There’s also the 160GB of HDD that we want to mention about and which needs to be taken into account for storing all your files and applications there.

The other thing that we wanted to relate to concerns the battery life resistance that goes up to 9 hours and which in the same time is going to prove really effective whenever you’re on the run and you simply can’t get enough of your gadget’s features.

There’s also the 10.1” wide LED backlit display that will deliver all the feedback you need and we’re certain you’re going to find it interesting to use in the same time,

Here’s another netbooks that was mentioned in several of our reviews and it’s great for being taken into account whenever it comes to top 10 netbooks, because it’s between the best after all – we’re speaking about the Lenovo S10 gadget. So, this gadget has at the basis the classical feature with an Intel Atom processor with a speed of 1.66 GHz, which delivers a medium level of power. There’s also the 1GB of memory, the 250GB of HDD, ideal for storing all the files and applications you wish. The 10.1” display needs to be taken into account as well and of course it’s a feature that is most common to be found in netbooks.

Lenovo S10 gadget

Last, but not least is the Dell Inspiron iM1012, which is really gorgeous for being taken into account and we’re certain that you already heard about it. This one occupies the last place in the top 10 netbooks and it can be found around the price of $380.

Dell Inspiron iM1012

This gadget has besides the common features, which were mentioned previously, the 160GB of HDD at the basis, the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 and the integrated webcam of 1.3MP.

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