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Let’s see what notebooks are all about, shall we? So, we’ve mentioned just how malleable are the netbooks when it comes to size and being carried around. Let’s see now exactly what notebooks are about, shall we?

Well you can be sure that through the usage of a laptop you can receive full security, manageability and connectivity and no one can deny this. Another thing that you definitely need to know is the fact that you can use web tools very easily and post or edit on all the networks you wish and can (social media or academic). Also, in contrast with the netbooks you’re able to do multitasking; you can manage and load multiple applications in the same time. Another thing that you need to know is the fact that you can surf on the internet while you’re managing with other content elements.

We’re sure that you know that these aren’t the only things that concern notebooks and you may already some of them, besides the ones presented up to this moment. So, you’re going to be able to surf very easily on the Internet even though you’re using other applications that is totally different and has nothing to do with….

You can also create great multimedia applications and other applications without any problems another thing that we would like you to know about is the fact that you can play rough games on it and enjoy some really interesting entertainment features.

Similar to netbooks this gadget can be taken very easily at school if it’s a gadget that has small dimensions and you can create presentations with it or even present your lectures if you’re a teacher.

Let’s see, when it comes to the display size there’s a huge difference between netbooks and notebooks. And how is that? Well, just think that notebooks have screen sizes from 11.6” to 17.3”.

The operating systems for which you can apply for are the Windows XP and Windows 7 in different variants. These will make your mobile computer experience being broadened and you’re going to use all its features in a very pleasant manner.

When it comes to the hard drive capacity the notebooks start from 250GB and you know what this means, don’t you? It means extra space for all the applications and documents you wish to use and you can store as many movies and games it’s possible, because the space permits you to.

The battery life is really extended it can go up to 8 or 10 hours, depending on the model of notebook you have. There are some new notebook models that can go above 10 hours and this will definitely be more than enough for those who travel a lot.

Different from the netbooks the notebooks have an integrated optical drive, but it depends also on the model, because you may encounter surprises as well.

When it comes to the wireless features there will not be any problems because you can use these without any problems and you can enjoy its features no matter where you find yourself. As for the processors you can find a big range of processors from medium quality to really strong and this difference can be noted in the price.

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