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Other refurbished laptops 2

Here’s how we keep our promise and continue with suggesting some other examples in order to have a general idea and see what refurbished laptop seems the most interesting…. Or which one fits you like a glove.

We would love to start our list of suggestions with the Acer Aspire 2920 laptop that can be found in a very good condition. This laptop is ultra lightweight and it’s ideal when you’re on the run and you need a support with you.

Acer Aspire 2920 2

This refurbished gadget has an Intel Core 2 Duo processor at the basis and with a speed of 1.66 GHz. also let’s mention that you can observe in this laptop the 2GB of RAM space, the 250GB of HDD, the 12.1” display which will definitely seem an interesting feature when you wish to see a movie or something like that. The DVD Supermulti optical drive seems a nice feature as well, there’s also the Windows Vista Home Premium operating system which easy to use as well and you won’t encounter any difficulties while you’re doing it. The wireless features seem really easy to use and you’re going to love blogging while you’re on the run.

There’s also the integrated webcam that seems an interesting feature as well and we’re certain that you’re going to find it useful as well. The weight of 2.10 kilos seems a really positive feature to us and we’re sure that to you it can be considered in the same manner.

The next laptop with which we want to continue our suggestion is the Toshiba Satellite L350, but in a refurbished manner. This one has at the basis the Intel Pentium Dual Core processor with a speed of 2 GHz speed. The other thing that needs to be mentioned is related to the 3GB of RAM which will definitely turn out to be effective when you use your laptop, there’s also the 250GB of HDD that seems a useful space for placing all your files and folders there.

Toshiba Satellite L350

Another thing that we need to mention about relates to the gorgeous 17” display that will seem a really interesting option while you’re on the run and you want to enjoy gorgeous movies. There’s also the DVD Supermulti optical drive that seems an interesting thing as well and that is going to be useful in the same time. The Windows 7 Home Premium operating system will definitely seem easy to use and another thing that needs to be mentioned is the integrated webcam which we find a good feature because you can use it whenever you feel like maintaining a video conferences. The weight is kind of disappointing, because it’s over 3kilos.

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