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P series of laptops from Msi

The Msi P series of laptops is all about being professional and effective in the same time. How about that? Does this sound like any of the things that you wished for? We would feel really happy if we knew that we could help you in a way or another. These being said, let’s present this particular series from Msi and maybe you’re thinking of purchasing some of these products in the future.

P series of laptops from Msi 2

First of all, let’s specify that the P series is especially designated for those that want to work in small and big businesses and we’re sure that these products are going to be really effective. Also, it’s going to be as useful to students as well or to be used in your home. You’re going to see just how fine this product is and its details involving it as well.

So, let’s start with mentioning the fact that you’re going to be able to find it in two different price ranges, starting prices that is…. One price is $799.99 and the other is $829.99. Let’s also mention that you’re going to find these really useful and that they will definitely seem a good option for you.

P series of laptops from Msi 3

So we start with the first configuration that has at the basis the Intel Core i5 processor, there’s also the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system as well and it’s genuine, the 15.6” HD widescreen display is going to turn out really useful in your daily activities, multitasking is also a neat thing to do and the list can continue….

There are some other aspects that we forgot to mention about, like the fact that this laptop has a 4GB DDR3 memory size, 500GB HDD, there’s also the 802.11 wireless LAN that will turn out useful every time you’re on the run and want to get of the wireless features.

P series of laptops from Msi 4

The chiclet keyboard is also a delightful thing when it comes to the P series of laptops from Msi, also there’s the multi-touch touchpad that won’t involve any difficulties when it comes to being used. The 1.3 MP webcam is ideal for being used when it comes to video conferences and so on. How about that? Does this laptop seem pretty interesting to you and let’s also mention that it can be found around the first price mentioned just some lines ago.

P series of laptops from Msi 5

The thing that makes the difference between these laptops’ configuration is the fact that the expensive one has a longer battery life resistance and this is the deal and to be more precise it gets up to 8 hours. Well, how about that?

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about the P series of laptops from Msi and this is a professional one that will definitely seem interesting for those looking for such gadgets.

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