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Personalizing the Sony VAIO F series of laptops

Sony VAIO laptops may cost some extra money, but they’re definitely worth it! And how is that? Well, they’re a lively expression of good taste and power in the same time. You won’t remain disappointed of their features and mobile computing will definitely be a nice experience. Throughout the time we’ve tried to share almost every possible series of notebook from this well known brand and we succeeded finally in doing it.

Now, we’re going to present you some possible configurations for the Sony VAIO F series and we’re going to explain some other things that you’re going to definitely feel interested of.

Let’s start with mentioning that the F series is ideal for photo editors, gamers and movie enthusiasts. In other words, these are ideal for those that are looking for a nice multimedia experience while they’re on the run. Due to the Blu-ray and Dolby Home Theatre all these features are possible and you can be sure that you won’t remain disappointed in what concerns your notebook, which is really easy to be carried around by the way….

The display has great features: high contrast and lots of colors and with the full HD VAIO display you’re going to feel like a part of the things you’re seeing, that’s certain! The Blu-ray Disc and the Dolby Home Theater surround sound make everything more vivid and interesting. You’re going to play games and feel like a part of these and let’s not forget also about the fact that movies will be a real pleasure to enjoy.

In case you’re not enchanted of the configurations suggested here, you’re going to get advantage of a free memory upgrade and you have to hurry up, because this offer ends up on the 9th of August. Let’s also mention that all the information and dates are taken from Sony’s official site and you’re going to find there some extra pieces of advice if you need it after reading our topic.

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There are two basic configurations from where you can choose from when it comes to the Sony VAIO F series of notebooks. There’s one with the Intel Core i5 processor and up to 2GHz, there’s also the Genuine option of the Windows 7 Ultimate operating system, up to 640 GB HDD, up to 6 GB of memory and ;let’s not forget about the DVD and Blu-ray Disc available.

There’s also the configuration with the Intel Core i7 processor, the Genuine Windows 7 Ultimate operating system, up to 640 GB HDD, up to 8 GB of memory and DVD or Blu-ray Disc.

These two configurations are kind of spicy when it comes to the price, but you can be sure that these won’t disappoint you when it comes to the quality.

You can personalize your gadget as well by engraving it! That sounds cool, doesn’t it? Of course, you can apply for a phrase that characterizes your life and the way you think and place it on a little part of your Sony VAIO laptop.

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