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Pink laptops 2

In case you were looking for some other pink laptops then it means that you’re just in the right spot because we have here all the examples you could possibly need. We’re certain that you’re going to enjoy reading about these pretty much and most of them aren’t news to you and that’s the way in which it should be, because it seems that you’re a person that always knows what he or she wants.

If you ask us, we definitely think that pink laptops are searched by most of the women that want to offer a special touch to their laptop and see it as an accessory. We just hope that we’re useful with all the things shared here with you….

HP Mini 210 2

So, let’s start with the HP Mini 210 netbook, which can be found in a pink option as well and you can be certain that it’s going to seem really gorgeous looking and effective in the same time. this one has at the basis the Intel Atom N455 processor and you can be sure that it delivers the highest level of quality, another thing that we want to mention about relates to the 1 GB of DDR3 that definitely delivers a high level of quality and power and we would like to continue with mentioning about the 250GB of HDD that makes sure you can store all your files and applications there without encountering any difficulties.

HP Mini 210 3

There’s also the 10.1” display that may seem small for some of you, but it definitely isn’t and you can be certain that you’re going to be able to see all the movies you wish, as well as multitask with ease.

We continue with the HP Mini 110 netbook, which also makes sure you’re going to be able to get advantage of its features while you’re on the run and you can be certain that you won’t encounter any difficulties while you’re doing it.

HP Mini 110

So, you have to know about this laptop that it has a Intel Atom N270 processor, also that it has a 10.1” display that is definitely going to seem useful whenever you’re on the run and you want to get advantage of entertaining activities and not only.

HP Mini 110 2

HP Mini 110 3

There’s also the 1GB of RAM that you have to know about, the 250GB of HDD, the Windows 7 Starter operating system that doesn’t involve any difficulties when it comes to its usage, the Intel GMA 950 graphics seems interesting enough to us and also let’s add that you’re going to be able to receive 6 hours of battery life as long as you use this gadget and this is pretty much for a netbook, don’t you think so?

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