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Really cheap laptops from Lenovo

To present you an even more eloquent example of discounts offered by Lenovo…. This particular offer is available only today so you have to hurry up because it’s hot and with a little bit of effort tomorrow as well. The main thing is to take into account these examples and make sure that you apply for one of the laptops from the Z series.

First of all, you have to know that the Lenovo Z series of laptops is really practical and you can carry it with you in all the places you go and most of all you can apply for using their gorgeous features with ease. So, you can apply for different display sizes, starting from 13” and ending with 15”.

If you enter on the official site of Lenovo you’re going to be able to take advantage of this discount with the help of a coupon code, fact that seems really interesting. You have to know that you can encounter these products around the price of $569 and $649 and this means really cheap laptops if you ask us.

Let’s see some things related to this particular offer, shall we? So, let’s start with the processor type, shall we? You can choose up an Intel Core i5 processor, which seems more than enough and we’re certain that you’re going to love it – at least, at this price it’s more than you can wish for.

Lenovo Z series

We jump to the operating system, which is in this case the Windows 7 Home Premium – it’s not hard to use and in the same time you can be certain that you’re going to love it pretty much. No matter on what difficulties you’re going to encounter there will be solutions for these.

Let’s also mention some things about the memory capacity, shall we? You have to know that the memory can go to 4GB of DDR3 and as for the hard drive capacity it has 500GB, which seems more than enough for storing all your files and applications.

The battery life resistance may be the one that can disappoint you, because it’s about 5 hours and you, a person who is always on the run needs his or her laptop every time. Also, in the same time the Z series of laptops is really thin in the same time and it won’t let you down.

There’s also the full HD support that you have to know about, it’s great for flawless video and the audio playback and the Dolby stereo surround sound seems interesting as well. We push you to hurry up and apply for one of these gadgets, because it’s a pity if you don’t take them into account!

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