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Refurbished Dell gadgets – effective and cheap

We’ve been browsing for cheap laptops especially for you and this time we come with really cheap products and these are refurbished. In the lines to come we will present some Dell gadgets that are really cheap and certainly will interest you.

The first gadget costs $349 and we’re speaking about the Dell Latitude D420 model. This gadget has a resistant exterior with a magnesium silver design and it’s really ultra portable, it can be carried around in all the placed with you and it isn’t thick.

This product has an Intel Core Dup 1200 MHz Dual Core processor, a 60 GB hard drive, with 1 GB 533 MHz memory that can expand up to 2 GB, the video chipset is Intel 915 GM and it has an external CD drive.

Dell Latitude D420

Another thing that you should know about this first product is the fact that it can be used with a modem and it has wireless (internal wireless dual band B\G). There are also some expansions: for the card slot and card reader, USB port, a monitor port and infrared ones.

The gadget has a 12.1” wide active color screen with 1200 x 800 resolution. This may be a disappointing thing, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t watch your favorite movies or TV shows, but on the contrary.

Also this refurbished Dell Latitude D420 has also a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that will certainly maintain your gadget alive for some good hours. And that’s about it regarding the first refurbished gadget from Dell….

The next refurbished Dell gadget we want to mention about is the Dell Latitude D620 that costs $399. This one has a similar aspect with the other gadget presented previously. Also, it has an Intel Core Duo 1830 MHz Dual Core processor with 2MB Cache Intel T2400.

What’s great about this laptop it’s the fact that it has 8- GB hard drive, 2 GB 667 MHz memory, an Intel 945 GM chipset and a high speed optical drive.

The 14.1” TFT wide active color screen with 1280 x 800 resolution will certainly be helpful when you choose to watch a movie or something like that, because it will bring you interesting colors and not only.

Dell Latitude D620

This gadget has the wireless functions and this means that you can use it everywhere you wish as long as there’s an available area nearby.

The ports are similar to the ones presented previously and there’s also the Lithium-Ion battery that will confer you some hours of battery life and you can recharge it depending on how often it is needed.

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