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Refurbished laptops under $250

In case you’re in lack of a large a sum of money, or you’re searching for a really affordable laptop and refurbished in the same time then it means that we’ve got just the right suggestions here. We’re speaking about laptops below $250 and we hope that you enjoy reading this review, because we’ve got here several laptops presented and you have to choose the one that is suitable.

We start with the first laptop under $250 and this one is the IBM ThinkPad T23 that has a starting price of $150. This one has at the basis the Intel Pentium 3 processor, 256MB, 30GB a 14.1” display that seems more than enough! Yes, just think of how many things you can do with the help of this laptop’s display besides watching movies or your daily activities….

IBM ThinkPad T23 2

This laptop that we’re presenting has at a Linux-Ubuntu operating system which won’t seem that hard to be used and there’s also the CD drive as well that can be used in a very effective manner.

Another refurbished laptop that we want to suggest to you and we think is really cheap the Dell Latitude C640. This one has at the basis the Intel Pentium 4 processor, 256MB, 20GB and a 14.1” display. There’s also the CDRW drive that is definitely useful in your daily activities and the Linux-Ubuntu operating system as well. We totally recommend you this laptop in case you’re searching for one really fast. Let’s also mention that you can apply for it and you can add to it extra features in the future when you’re going to have some extra amounts of money in your pocket or on your card and that’s the case for all the products suggested here. We didn’t mention the price of this laptop: $190.

Dell Latitude C640

We would like to continue our list of suggestions of refurbished laptops with the IBM ThinkPad T40 that will definitely seem a good example as well, due to the fact that it can be found around the price of $200. So, this one has at the basis the Intel Pentium M processor, 512MB, 40GB, a 14.1” display and a DRW/DVD drive, there’s also the Linux-Ubuntu operating system that you need to know about and we’re sure that you’re not going to encounter problems when it comes to it usage.

IBM ThinkPad T40

Last in our list is the IBM ThinkPad T41 laptop that can be purchased around the price of $230. This one has an Intel Pentium M processor, 1024Mb, 40GB, a 14.1” display, CDRW/DVD drive and let’s not forget about the Linux-Ubuntu operating system as well.

We totally recommend you one of these products in case you think that the economical crisis affected your pockets that much!

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