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Most of you express their attitude through the gadget that they own. It’s a very good thing to do that, because you’re going to feel comfortable no matter where you go and also everybody will know that it’s your laptop. In the lines to come we’re going to describe you some great looking Samsung netbooks, which are really cheap and also really great looking in the same time.

Samsung N1502

The first suggestion of notebook is the Samsung N150 gadget that has a starting price of $359.99 and it can be found in various colors as you’ll see in the lines to come. Before we bring you the glossy tones in which these mobile computers can be found, let’s mention some of their basic features: the Intel Atom N450 processor, the Windows 7 Starter operating system and 1 GB DDR2 and we think that this is enough in order to make a general idea regarding these netbooks….

Samsung N1503

We were saying something about the colors in which these can be found and you definitely have where to choose from! You have a great range of colors as you’re going to observe yourself. For the classical tastes there is the black matte tone and for those that are into the classic stuff, there’s the glossy black that will certainly amaze your eye. For those that have a free spirit and always want to astonish through interesting looks there are these colors: red, a classic tone of blue, Bermuda blue, Caribbean yellow and Flamingo pink. So you have where to choose from and you won’t be disappointed at all, because there’s room for everyone and you’ll decide in which tone the Samsung N150 netbook looks better.

Another netbook that is a good variant as a travel companion and has also great looks is the Samsung N210. This one has a starting price of $379.99 and can be found in a glossy white finish that will attract the fingertips of your hands immediately. This one has an Intel Atom N450 1.6 GHz processor and a Windows 7 Starter operating system.

Samsung N210

Samsung N2102

The next netbook we want to talk about is the Samsung N135 with a starting price of $329.99; it has an Intel Atom N270 processor, 2 GB maximum system memory capacity and also let’s not forget about the Windows XP Home operating system. This one can be found in a blue variant, not too glossy and we think that you’re going to like it from the first second you see it.

Samsung N135

Samsung N1352

Samsung N315 is another good variant that needs to be taken into account. It’s a gadget that looks great in its classical blue variant without any glossy finish or something like that, it has round margins and it’s really small and easy to be handled around! This one has also a Windows 7 Starter operating system and an Intel Atom N450 processor. Its starting price? Well it’s around $429.99.

Samsung N315

Samsung N3152

The last netbook on the list under the Samsung logo is the NB30 gadget.

Samsung NB30

This one has a starting price of $379.99 and it can be found in its black classical variant, not glossy at all. Let’s also mention that it has a Windows 7 Starter operating system and an Intel Atom N450 processor. It’s a good variant also, isn’t it?
Samsung NB302

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