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Samsung QX410-J01

Between the best laptops in 2010 we can encounter also a Samsung laptop that we’re sure it’s going to turn out a really interesting laptop to be taken into account and let’s also nor forget that it’s between our recommendation.

In the further lines we’re going to speak about the positive and negative aspects that surround the Samsung QX410-J01 and maybe in the future time you’re considering it as a future purchase.

So, first of all let’s continue with the pros that surround this laptop shall we? First of all, it looks really good and it’s really easy to be carried around; also, the Samsung QX410-J01 feels great at touching and it has a high – end look, the keyboard is great for being used and you won’t encounter any difficulties when it comes to its usage.
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The other big plus to which we want to relate to is the Intel Wireless Display that is going to turn out a really effective feature, there’s also the NVIDIA Optimus graphics switching and let’s not forget about the really affordable features.

Now comes the negative side in which we have to mention about the mediocre battery life – and this is definitely something that won’t please many of you, because you expect to carry with you this gadget as much as possible and this won’t be possible for sure. Also, the lack of the Bluetooth can be considered as a negative thing, in fact it is a minus for the Samsung QX410-J01. Another con is the entry – level Nvidia GeForce graphics.

Samsung QX410-J01

Its price tells you that you can apply for it, due to the fact that it isn’t that expensive and in the same time you receive interesting features at that price – fact that can be considered as a big plus.

Samsung QX410-J01 2

Even though the Samsung brand doesn’t present credibility when it comes to laptops it seems that this time they did a really good job with the Samsung QX410-J01 and we’re glad to share this gadget with you, because we can place it between the best laptops 2010 list and its spot is indeed there.

Let’s see some of the technical features, shall we? The Samsung QX410-J01 has the Intel Core i5 processor at the basis, which means extra power and the 4GB of DDR3 memory seems more than enough when it comes to multitasking and gorgeous feedback that can be obtained.

The 14” display will sure be great to be taken into account and besides your daily activities you can also entertain yourself through it. The 640GB is more than enough for storing applications and files and the starting price is really on top of any other gadgets, $849.

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