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Samsung R580 notebook

Samsung R580 seems to be described as a notebook that denotes perfection from inside out. How could this thing be? Well even from the first lines we have to mention that this laptop has a built-in Blu-ray drive that will definitely be useful for the 15.6” LED display, which is backlit too.

Also, you can see your favorite movies on a large screen with the help of the HDMI port; let’s not forget about the exterior finish with the Crystal Wave design, the interior that sounds really great with the newest processors from Intel and the great looking and comfortable keyboard that is ideal for all day typing. As you can see there are only great things to be said about this notebook, but we’re going to dig up more and find out new stuff about it in the lines to come….

So, we mentioned some things about this laptop’s finish. Well, we’re back with this aspect and let’s mention that it has a really great looking aspect with the Crystal Wave design. This notebook will definitely be the ideal accessory for you: it works great and it looks as great! The colors used on the exterior of this gadget match perfectly with the illuminated LED touchpad into creating a wonderful visual effect. Also this touchpad will light every time you touch its surface and it’s a thing that astonishes from the first instance.
With the Blu-ray you’re going to get advantage of your favorite movies in the finest colors and a top quality resolution and you’re going to feel like a part of that “story”, be sure of that. Also, you’re going to see all the details that you couldn’t see up to that moment and there’s also the cinematic resolution that will definitely be useful and offer you top quality effects.

The NVIDIA GeForce GT310M will confer you extra graphics performance and let’s also not forget about the 512 MB size of dedicated memory. These things will turn out to be useful every time you want to play a 3D computer game or even enjoy the HD movies.

In the beginning we mentioned some things about the keyboard. Well, we’re back with some extra ideas. This gadget has a 17-key numeric keypad that will be useful every time you want to play a game. Also the island-style keyboard makes everything easier and you won’t encounter any trouble when it comes to writing and things like that.

Moving all the information and data from your mobile phone to your mobile computer will seem piece of cake. This gadget has a 3-in-1 memory card reader and also three USB 2.0 ports that will be handy every time you need them.

Besides all the great things mentioned up to this moment let’s also say that the Samsung R580 has eco-friendly functions, components and features: it’s Energy Star qualified, we already specified about the LED backlit display, there’s also the RoHS Compliant and it’s EPEAT Gold Rated.

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