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Seashell Karim Rashid Collection

Hey ladies! This topic regards you and only you. Asus brings you the Seashel Karim Rashid Collection at the Eee PC 1008p notebooks. How does this line describe itself? The answer is: great aspect and also good technical features. Before we begin, take the following video presentation:

Here are some things that describe this line and we’re going to discuss about the further on: a Genuine Windows 7 Starter, an encased in an elegant techno-chic Digi-Wave designed (and that’s the main feature), it’s so thin and ultra portable, the highly efficient Intel Atom N450 processor, you can replace the battery, high storage function and a dual OS!

The gadget has from “head to toes” an organic Digi-Waves design, which produces a highly chromatic effect; you can feel each wave across the lid only by touching smoothly with your fingers!

You have two marvellous colors: Glossy Hot Pink and Matte Coffee Brown. We’re going to talk a little bit about these two models too….

The Glossy Hot Pink is for the bold women that love fashion and love to be described with the help of their gadget. This color is clearly for the modern woman who will always knows what’s IN and OUT trends! She will clearly take her gadget everywhere with her, even at a coffee and show everybody that she’s strong and self confident! The Glossy Hot Pink Eee PC 1008P has a basic metallic layer in silver nuance and a transparent upper layer! You can find on one side of the product the signature, verifying the fact that you’re gadget takes part of the new line Karim Rashid! You’ll simply be proud of your notebook, believe us!

Asus Eee PC 1008P Glossy Hot Pink

The Matte Coffee Brown design is made for the classy woman, who’s elegant and mature in the same time. This color is long lasting and marks the power and the romanticism that ducks in a woman. This gadget has two layers: the upper side is made of rubber paint in glossy nuance and the down side looks like sprayed with golden glitter!

Asus Eee PC 1008P Matte Coffee Brown

The Express Gate feature permits you to freely browse on the Internet no matter where you find yourself! You’ll be able to talk with those that are far away with you and change ideas and thoughts.

This line of notebooks can describe itself through some basic words: high-performance, elegance, beauty and good material! You can use your sense of touch while keeping the product in your hands and lap and feel all those nice waves!

The gadget has a 10.1” frameless LED backlit display and an ergonomic chiclet keyboard, you have also a 500GB WebStorage feature that allows you to access freely the sites you want and save all the files and folders you wish!

You’ll be able to use your gadget for about 6 hours non stop after a charge with the help of the Super Hybrid Engine energy management! You have also a slim and eco-friendly Li-polymer battery that will resist perfectly to numerous charges!

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