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Sony laptops – Sony VAIO W series review

We’ve been promising you to speak about all the series of notebooks and laptops from Sony and we’re back with this topic and with the W series of great looking gadgets that are described with “beauty inside and out” and after reading some lines we totally agree with this statement.

So these laptops (mini laptops as you may like to call them) are created in a very interesting way: really easy to carry around, light and compact. These gadgets have round margins fact that makes them easier to be carried around and also it confers a certain state of protection in case the gadget is dropped and knocked.

Sony VAIO W series

This petite gadget can be found in three delicious variants: pink, white or brown and is colored inside-out and looks really great and interesting.

You may get worried in what concerns the keyboard but you shouldn’t because it will be an easy task to press the fine buttons because these have some space between them and you can easily use them even if you have long nails.

Sony VAIO W series 2

The palm rest will be useful when you’re surfing on the web and you’re sitting on the sofa or in bed and you try to commute the windows or pages.

You’ll be astonished of the top quality that the 10.1” display offers you, while you’re blogging, surfing on the web or simply watching a movie. Of course you may want a bigger screen but we assure you that this small one will certainly offer you a great mobile computer experience together with its 16:9 aspect ratio.

Sony VAIO W series 3

You can store as many pictures, videos and movies as you like because it has up to 250 GB space available and it will certainly be useful in the things you intend on doing or you usually posses day by day.

Besides the fact that this gadget is great looking, you can make it better with the help of a mouse or a carrying pouch and all these at a low price.

The other things that we’ve forgotten to mention and you’re really interested in are the: Intel Atom processor, Windows 7 professional operating system and 1 GB memory.

Sony VAIO W series 4

The starting price of the W series has a starting price of $643 and depending on the configuration you choose you may get to a really advantageous price. As you can see these gadgets are cheap and new in the same. What more could you ask for?

This laptop is a great travel companion and you can definitely rely on it no matter where you find yourself: it’s gorgeous looking and effective in the same time and this is a big plus and it’s a common characteristic of the Sony VAIO laptops.

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