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Sony multimedia software

Sony presents to you some interesting software options from where you can choose from and we decided to present these to you in order to use your laptop in a more convenient and easy manner. We present to you the Picture Motion Browser VAIO Edition, which will turn out to be more than effective when it comes to the usage of your laptop.

You can be sure that with this program all your music, videos and photos will be organized in a pleasant manner and you’re going to find them no matter where you put them the last time. Also, you can easily browse and learn how to get full advantage of the multimedia features.

So, here’s how this software functions in the Sony VAIO laptops. If you press the VAIO button you’re going to be directed to the Media Gallery. Also, with the help of this application you’re going to organize all your media files into events and you’re going to browse really easy and quick in the same time. Besides the things mentioned up to this moment, you’re going to receive some other suggestions of movies, videos and photos and you’re going to be redirected to some other sites, like YouTube.

You can create special playlists accordingly to your mood and play these every time you feel like doing it. Besides the mood, you can apply for making playlists accordingly to a certain genre or music style and this is a great thing for you, because you won’t be forced to do extra searches.

With this feature all your pictures will be placed in an album and all your memories won’t be forgotten as you’re going to see all of them placed in nice albums in which you find yourself and your friends in different moments of your life.

The browser helps you find your favorite movies and pictures with a single tap. Let’s also mention that this will be easier than you could ever imagine. You can connect your laptop to your camera and take pictures from it that will automatically be placed in a calendar, let’s also mention that after this you can search for your pictures and videos accordingly to that specific date and particular scenes and faces. There’s also an online map that shows you exactly where the pictures have been taken, the exact spot and this is a wonderful thing.

You can also realize music downloads as much as you wish with the help of the MusicStation program that can be found for free. Click and select and you can end up with a great multimedia experience.

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