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Sony netbooks

Sony netbooks refer actually to the P series of laptops from this brand and you know more than enough in what concerns it, don’t you? We think that it would be a really gorgeous idea to start speaking about some interesting features that concern this particular line and you have to know that there are some additions that were applied to it and this is indeed an interesting thing from our point of view.

Sony netbooks 3

In case a really colored gadget seems interesting to you then we’ve got just the right solutions for you and there is no need of mentioning the name again, is it? So, this 1.3 pound and 8” gadget is a fashion statement whenever it comes to netbooks and gadgets in general. Most of the people who apply for it are fond of the way in which people see them and in the same time they like to show just how passionate they are when it comes to technology.

The Sony VAIO P series is all about having the technology in your pocket and getting advantage of it in the same time. Are you travelling to a new city? Well, with the help of the GPS navigation there will be no problem concerning this matter.

You know that you can find these gadgets in several interesting and bright colors, but now you have a limited offer, which is all about being fashionable and really fond of the gadget that you’re carrying with you. So, there’s this Crocodile Black and Crocodile Pink finishes that you can choose from and these are adorned with a false crocodile print – they’re all about fashion and we’re sure that you remained stunning while watching them.

Sony netbooks

Rotate the netbook to 90 degrees and you’re going to observe all the pictures and portraits in bigger dimensions, fact which sounds kind of great. It’s an important tool whenever it comes to reading documents and pages and this means spending more time for having fun and less time for that annoying activity of scrolling.

Sony netbooks 2

As for the battery life resistance of the P series netbooks from Sony VAIO, it goes up to 5 hours and this is indeed a thing that should seem unpleasant, because there are cheaper gadgets that have battery lfie resistance that go over 10 hours.

Before applying for such Sony netbooks think in this way: do you want a gadget that looks great and just that or you’re looking for a netbook that is next to you almost all day long and in all the places you intend on going?

We have to mention about the classical Intel Processor with a speed of 2.0 GHz and this is no news at all, there’s also the 250GB of HDD and the 2GB of DDR2.

All of these features and things on the Sony netbooks with a starting price of $900 and it’s brand new!

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