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Sony VAIO carrying cases

Every grand brand of laptops seems to have the right carrying case for the laptop that you buy. So, if you want to protect your gadget and still remain fashionable in the same time you can definitely apply for one of these solutions and start the envy of those surrounding you!

In the lines to come we have some neat suggestions of carrying cases from Sony VAIO, designed especially for their lines of laptops and you have a big range of colors and models from which you can choose from.

We start with a neat carrying case that is designed especially for the Sony VAIO P series of laptops and you can find it in neat colors as well. Let’s also mention that they have a hand strap which makes it easier for you to stroll around with the gadget in your hands…. This product is made of plastic and you can be certain that your tiny netbook will be protected from the exterior damage. You can find this neat case in four glossy and gorgeous looking tones, like pink, green and the classical white and black.

Sony VAIO carrying cases

There’s another carrying case that is made of polyester and it’s compatible with the E series, the S series, the M series, the Y series, the Z series and the P series of laptops from Sony VAIO. This one will definitely maintain your laptop in a cozy and comfortable spot and it guarantees total protection. Also, it has an exterior spot in which you can deposit all your stuff and it’s tied up with a zipper. You can find this carrying case in black, blue, pink, red and white. No matter on what nuance you make up your mind on, you can be certain that you’re going to end up with a really nice accessory for your laptop, but we’re not done yet…. There are more models to come!

Sony VAIO carrying cases 2

The next carrying case seems to be the miniature option of the case that we’ve mentioned about previously. This one is compatible with the E series, the P series, the S series, the M series, the Y series, and the Z series. As well, you can be certain that these are going to be a comfortable spot for your gadget and we’re sure that you’re not going to remain disappointed. Also, it has a handle with the help of which you’re going to be able to carry your laptop very easily in the places you go. This particular model of carrying case can be found in different colors as well: light blue, light red and black!

The last suggestion of carrying case that we want to mention about is made of leather and it has a fine black tone and looks really elegant in the same time. This one doesn’t have a handle, fact that means that you can’t carry it that easily in all the places you intend on going….

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