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Sony VAIO F series

Since we’ve begun to present you some notebook and laptops series from Sony VAIO now we feel responsible to talk about other series from this brand too, because as you already know there are various lines designed for all tastes and all the categories of people….

For example today we’re going to present to you the F series, which is designed especially for those that are more into the creative stuff and like their own art. The screen brings vivid colors and it has top quality so you can admire pictures and videos and the highest level. Let’s also admit it!

These products can be cheap if you know where to browser for them. For instance this line has a starting price of $1300, but if you search for a refurbished variant it will be much cheaper and that’s what you want after all, isn’t it?


So this gadget’s display offers you ultra bright images with vivid colors and great contrast. Also you can say bye to those black bars and you’ll see and enjoy every moment at the film and it doesn’t matter where you’re sitting.

The full HD screen resolution says many things about this 16.4” display and the Blu-ray Disc reader will certainly be useful when you intend on watching movies or things like that. The Motion Reality HD feature will make every moment of a film or video to be so vivid and every thing will be seen as if it happens in front of you. The sound has also great features, after all the F series has the Dolby Home Theater v3.

Let’s see some other interesting things about this line: the Intel Core i7 processor and up to 8 GB RAM. This means that multitasking won’t seem a problem to you and also this gadget works really fast and you’ll see just how amazing the feedback is.


Just imagine how many movies and files you can realize with the help of this gadget: it’s just marvelous! Also here are some basic steps that will help you in realizing your homemade video: browse for all your pictures and video, this is the first step; the second one is to pick a theme and see what’s more appropriate for you and apply for it, of course; the last thing is to click start and use the Picture Motion browser that will create the movie immediately.

Do you want some other features regarding this line of gadgets? Well of course you do: it has an NVIDIA graphics card that features 1 GB of video memory and also 3D performance that is also great. We find this series appropriate for HD entertainment, creating movies and playing games and it’s definitely in this way.


Just think how many movies and videos you can store in one Sony VAIO gadget from the F series, because it has a 500 GB hard disk and this means a lot. You just won’t know what to do with so much space….

The last thing we want to mention about regards the eSATA/USB port that will certainly help you exchange information between this gadget and others. Also it works faster than a standard USB 2.0.

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