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Sony VAIO laptops

Sony VAIO laptops are exquisite products and these things can be observed only by looking at their great looks and at their prices. Ok, but let’s not jump into conclusions and admit some things only by appearances, let’s also dig in into the world of the mobile computers that lay under this logo and see what’s so great about them?!

We’re going to speak about all the Sony series of laptops and most of these lines are already known by you, but let’s mention them once again in order to create a general idea and see what’s especially designed for you and what isn’t!

The F series has 16.4” LCD display with HD Entertainment and you can apply for photo/video editing. These laptops are indeed great for entertainment and you can be sure that with one of this your day will be saved.

Sony VAIO F Series

We continue with the E series on which we had a topic some time ago! These laptops have 14” to 17.3” LCD displays and these have one touch features. You can be sure that these laptops are easy to be carried around and that you can rely on them, also these have really great and glossy aspect. Well, you should know better, because there’s a previous topic on these some time ago!

Sony VAIO E Series

The CW series has 14” X-black LCD and it can be found in different glossy colors. These laptops are really small and lightweight, which is an ideal thing when it comes to portability.

Sony VAIO CW Series

S series is next on the list with 13.3” display. These laptops are adequate for pleasure and business too. These have enhanced connectivity and you can be sure that they won’t let you down no matter where you find yourself.

Sony VAIO S Series

Another interesting and important line is the Y series that has smart interfaces and the laptops that are part of this series have 13.3” and bring you marvelous images and top quality.

Sony VAIO Y Series

The Z series has 13.1” displays with executive decision and mobile broadband. Come to think of it, all of the series presented up to this moment sound interesting and you definitely have to choose from, but the list doesn’t end here!

Sony VAIO Z Series

The X series laptops have 11.1” displays and are described as being “impossibly thin” and also with a really great battery life!

Sony VAIO X Series

The W/M series have 10.1” displays and you can surely rely on these every time you need them. The perfect mini notebook, don’t you think so?

Sony VAIO W-M Series

We end with the P series that will definitely interest you and we’re sure that you’ve heard about in the last period. These mini gadgets are really light and easy to use! They have an 8” display and you can get advantage of its easy multimedia features without any problems.

Sony VAIO P Series

Let’s, of course, not forget about the SR series of business laptops that have 13.3” displays especially meant for pleasure and business and the BZ series from the same line of products, these have 15.4” displays and a great robustness.

Sony VAIO SR Series

Sony VAIO BZ Series

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