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Sony VAIO M Series notebook review

We continue our series of reviews with the VAIO M series mini notebooks and we’ll bring some information regarding these great looking gadgets and from our perspective really effective in the same time….

These mini computers are ideal for day to day computing needs, these have the Intel Atom Processor N450, a 10.1” LED backlit display, 250 GB HDD and it’s available in black or white. The M series of gadgets is light to carry around, it’s not hard to use it and also you can be sure that it won’t let you down in your daily computing experience.

As mentioned above this gadget is available in black and white colors tones and we assure you that it is so great looking that you’ll attract everybody’s eyes. Also, you can be sure that with this mini notebook chatting with friends, blogging and web browsing will be a great experience while you drink your coffee in a pub.

Sony VAIO M Series notebook black

So, VAIO offers a great gadget that will help you in your daily activities, a petit notebook that weighs less than 1.4 kg with a 6-cell battery that assures you that you can get advantage of it for lots of hours.

Besides carrying the notebook around in town you can take it with you during your excursions or travels and it will certainly help you in getting rid of boredom.

The 10.1” screen displays magnificent images and videos and not only…. Viewing your favorite web pages and blogs will be done in the highest quality. Let’s not forget also that you can maintain discussions with different persons throughout the Motion Eye camera, which is incorporated in this gadget.

You have all the space needed for your documents, pictures and movies, because as mentioned previously the M Series notebook has 250 GB hard drive.

With the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the other USB ports you’ll encounter no difficulties in chatting, storing documents and things like that, no matter where you decide to go….

Sony VAIO M Series notebook white

Besides all the great things mentioned above we would like also to say that VAIO recommends the Windows 7 Starter Edition of operating system and all the programs make it easier for you.

Other things that we forgot to mention regarding this M Series gadget: 1 GB DDR2 SDRAM, the stereo speakers and the microphone and many other software features that include the VAIO Gate, Music Station or Adobe Reader 9…. This gadget is available on the market and we think that it’s really effective and it’s worth buying it.

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