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Sony VAIO S series

The Sony VAIO S series of laptops are ideal both for pleasure and for business. You’ll see just how interesting these gadgets are and maybe you’ll decide on them. Indeed, interesting products with great looking aspect and also some great features on the inside, features that permit you to live a great mobile computer experience.

The notebooks from the S series are easy to be carried around: at your workplace from home and back or wherever you intend on going. These laptops weigh less than 2 kilos, which is a marvelous thing and they are very easy to be held even in one hand. To these things we can add that it has a strong magnesium alloy body, which is ideal if it happens for you to drop it.

So be sure that with the help of the HDD protection all your data will be saved and so you’re going to be able to minimize the hard damage. Besides the safety features, there’s also the fingerprint sensor that won’t allow foreign people the access your notebook. Only interesting things about this series up to this moment, right?

The 1366 x 768 resolution display confers you vivid colors and high contrast: watch your favorite TV shows, movies or simple presentations for your workplace and it will be a pleasure to do all these activities. Also, access the internet every time you wish and feel like doing it….

Besides the fact that you can watch movies and your presentations, the LCD has a though coating which permits you to do this activity no matter where you wish: outdoor, in cafes and so on. The screen won’t get scratched and you can enjoy your activities no matter where you want!

The newest Intel Core i3 and i5 processors will turn out to be useful every time you intend on using the S series notebooks in your business goals. Also the NVIDIA graphics assure you that you’re going to see all the presentations and work documents in super-smooth 3D quality. These features will be useful in all the projects, be these complicated or not!

Sony VAIO S series

There’s also the advanced backlit feature that will detect every time the light surrounding you isn’t enough so it will display light in dark rooms in an automatic manner at night.

Besides the features that we’ve mentioned up to this moment there are others that may interest you and will turn out to be useful, such as: the marvelous keyboard that will not bring errors, because the buttons are separated perfectly, the backlit sensor for the display, the multi-touch touchpad and let’s not forget about the fact that you can personalize one of these notebooks in every color you like, because it’s possible and so you’ll feel that this is definitely your gadget. If you’re interested in one of these gadgets you need to know that their starting price is kind of high, but the quality and the design tells it all and there’s no more to day, is it?!

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