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Sony VAIO W-M series

Up to this moment we’ve presented you some of the  Sony VAIO series and we would like to continue with the W/M series that is all about mini laptops- and these are pretty great looking, you know?

These gadgets are compact, light and you won’t have any problems when it comes to carrying them around. The rounded margins of these laptops permit you to use them in a more pleasurable manner and you won’t have difficulties when you want to place one of these into your backpack or purse. Besides the fact that these look pretty great you can find them in three delicious color tones: pink, white and brown and you can admire them just how great they look!

Sony VAIO W-M series2

The keyboard feels really pleasant and you won;t encounter any problems when it comes to typing, even though you may have long nails…. All of the keys have some space between them and this is quite great, because you may need this gadget for different activities that necessitate a lot of typing and you wouldn’t want to press „backspace” all the time, would you?

The touchpad is also nice, you won;t have difficulties in using it either. This fine pad is ideal when you want to search something and you will do it in a very easy manner, so there’s no need to be worried! Just thing of the entire hours spent in front of your tiny gadget for commuting or blogging!

Sony VAIO W-M series3

The 10.1” display has 16:9 aspect ratio and you’re going to manage just great with it. Just think of all the movies that you can see in top quality resolution with vibrant colors and shapr details- all with the Sony VAIO display. You have also all the space you need for everyday activities, blogging or simply browsing, so you don’t to worry about anything!

And speaking of space, do you know just how much you’ve got available? There are up to 250GB just for you and you already must know what you can place in this free space, don’t you? If you do not have the answer then we’re going to give it to you” videos, music, photos and many other multimedia data.

Also you have a great range of accessories from where you can choose: there’s the carrying pich, which is as stylish as the mini laptop is and also the mouse if you feel like you can’t handle the trackpad.

Sony VAIO W-M series4

Some other things that we’ve forgot to mention about is the extended battery life, the processor that will bring you the power you need and we would like to mention again the lightweight features and also the fact that this gadget looks pretty great to hang around with in town- be sure that everybody is going to envy you!

These being said we hope that we’ve convinced you that the Sony VAIO series is pretty great looking and it’s powerful in the same time and we also hope that in the future time you’re going to buy one of these gadgets and share your personal opinion with us!

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