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Sony VAIO X series

Everybody likes light notebooks and more and more companies have a tendency towards these kinds of products so that consumers can’t make up their minds only on one laptop or one series. There are so many lines that satisfy this need of thinness that we just don’t know which are the thinnest of them all?!

Today we’re going to speak about such a thin series and more particularly we’re talking about the Sony VAIO X series, which is impossible light. These laptops have 11.1” displays and are super slim, but were going to talk more about what you need to know in the lines to come….

So this gadget is very easy to b carried around, you won’t even feel that you’re carrying it in your hands. Although it is really light and thin, it is very strong, because it is made of carbon fiber that makes it ideal to be carried around no matter where you go.

You’re going to be able to store your data, because there’s enough room for everything you own: there’s the 250GB space and the SSD makes everything easier, because it permits you to save battery power and you boot easily into the system.

Send as many emails as you can or maintain video conferences with your pals and business partners though the 3G mobile broadband. Also you need to know that there are no hotspots required so you can be sure that every thing will be much easier for you.
So the laptops from Sony VAIO’s X series have an Intel Atom processor, a Windows 7 Professional (or any other editions you wish or there are available) operating system, 2GB of memory and the wireless WAN available too. Up to this moment you’ve got all the reasons to buy this laptop, but there are still some things remaining and which you have to find out about.

Besides the things mentioned previously we also have to add that all of the laptops from this series have extra battery life, which means that it is able to stay turned on from 8 hours to 16 hours with only a single battery charge. What are the things that permit this? Well, there’s the processor which is low voltage and there’s also the LCD panel that permits you to work on the gadget all day long.

All the things you intend on doing: writing, changing documents or whatever will be done on a really thin display and all you’re going to see there will be admired in the highest resolution, greatest sharpness and vivid images.

Also when you write an email or a simple document, your fingers won’t stumble one over the other, because the keyboard doesn’t permit it! The keys are separated really fine one from the other and you’re going to type all the things you want in a calm manner and without doing repeated errors as you used to do with the other laptops’ keyboards.

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