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Sony VAIO Y series

We’re back with our reviews over the Sony VAIO notebooks and we continue our list of presentations with the Sony VAIO Y series. This series is all about getting your gadget with you in all the places you want to go and also it doesn’t involve any problems of being carried in the same time.

In order to have a perfect travel companion it doesn’t necessarily need to be ultra light or ultra thin, the main this is for the battery life to be resistant so that you can afford spending as much time possible as you can in front of your own gadget. So, these laptops have a long resistant battery life, which goes up to 9 hours. This means that you won’t encounter any problems when it comes to carrying your personal laptop around and that you can do all the work you can on it. Just think of all the amazing things that you can do while you’re on the run. If 9 hours don’t seem enough to you, then it means that you’re the one that will apply for an optional extended L battery that goes up to 15 hours. Kind of great, right?

We were mentioning some things about the lightweight features that concern this laptop. Well, indeed it’s a featherweight notebook, which won’t be even felt in your hands or in your backpack. It goes up to 1.78 kilos. Besides the fact that it is really thin and easy to be managed around, it is also really strong in the same time due to its magnesium alloy design, which denotes strength and be sure that your gadget will resist during your travelling experiences.
We continue with telling you that the display has high resolution, it brings vivid colors and high contrast in the same time, offering 1366 x 768 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio. This means that you’re going to enjoy a pleasurable entertainment feature while you’re on the run and also don’t forget that you can get advantage of the Internet, too. This gadget is ideal when it comes to your daily computing experience and we hope that you consider it in this way, too.

The 320 GB HDD permits you to store as many files and applications as you can and also think of the multitude of graphical presentations, spreadsheets and document that you can save in it. Also, you can download music, videos, photos and whatever you want – all things that will make your life easier.

Some other things that you really have to know about are the 3 USB ports, the VGA output, the memory stick PRO, the Express Card and the SD card slots as well as the LAN connector ideal for easy networking.

In the end we would like to mention also that this gadget can be found in several great looking colors and that all tastes will be pleased – be sure of that!

Sony VAIO Y series multiple colors

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