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Sony VAIO’s P series

Hey here’s another gadget that hasn’t been mentioned by us and it’s a pity that we didn’t do it, because we now see how great it looks and not only! And we’re talking about Sony VAIO’s P series….

With this gadget you can be sure that you look interesting no matter where you go and it won’t be a difficulty in carrying around. It has a great exterior aspect and rounded corners that make everything much easier and you can be sure that this isn’t all regarding this gadget!

This gadget is lightweight, it has only 638 grams and you can easily stick it in your purse or a pocket if you don’t feel like carting it in your hand. Oh, yeah it can be carried only in one hand, a thing that we consider as being really great!

Sony VAIO's P series2

You can choose between white, green, red or black colors. All these tones shimmer under the light and it’s simply a pleasure to touch this gadget on the exterior, it feels smooth and silky…. Oh, and let’s not forget that you can accessorize the Sony VAIO P series gadgets with so many things that have matching colors. That’s also great news isn’t it?

Sony VAIO's P series3

On the front of the gadget you can find the VAIO XrossMediaBard button that permits you to get in touch with the newest things and you’re going to be able to open all the documents very quickly!

It may seem too small for you, but just imagine that you can type all the documents and conversations you like with both hands! The gadget has a full size keyboard, which can be considered a super thing!

Sony VAIO's P series4

Hey how could we forget? Although it’s petit and really thing this notebook has great technical features too: an Intel processor, 2 GB of DDR2 DRAM memory and up to 80 GB hard capacity. So you can be sure that you can calmly store all the files you want without having any problems.

The 8” display with 1600 x 768 resolution seems ideal for multi tasking, which means that you can open two windows of Internet Explorer simultaneously…. The embedded 3G WWAN will help you access the Internet while you’re on the run and things like blogging, surfing or emailing won’t be a problem for you! And let’s not forget that you can maintain conferences and stuff like that with the Motion Eye webcam which is incorporated in the gadget!

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