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Sony VAIO’s Z series of notebooks

If you haven’t heared yet of the new line of Sony VAIO notebooks, now it’s time to hear about it! Yes, it’s the VAIO Z series of notebooks and it’s described as being a line that offers you an excellent travel companion! What does this mean? It means you now have a light gadget and with very good technical aspects that is specially designed to satisfy your needs! If you’re a “on the run person” then this gadget is perfect for you!

This light line of notebooks doesn’t only offer great aspect, it offers reliability, good connectivity and a high mobility feature! It means you can do your work documents even when you’re in a plane or in a remote place!

So, here is some basic info about the Z series: great access with Quad SSD in Raid 0 and let’s not forget about the Intel Core i7 processor, also a high-performance NVIDIA GeForce GT 330 M GPPU with the Nynamic Hybrid Graphic System, a light and tough exterior lid made of carbon fibre and aluminum and also a Full HD 13.1” VAIO display!

These notebooks have the propriety of saving power, up 6 GB of RAM, and you can surely take advantage of the multitasking features without having any problems! You can work fast and without secondary problems….

The NVIDIA chipset makes your movies, presentations (and all the stuff you want to see) great! You have great quality and get advantage of the great advantages of the chipset video! Also, the Dynamic Hybrid Graphics System makes your videi experience much more interesting then it used to be! You can choose between STAMINA and SPEED modes and the AUTO mode helps you detect the usage conditions.
As mentioned several times before, the new Z line is really, really light, meaning that the product wieghts under 1.45 kilos and the exterior lid is really thin! You won’t believe how powerful this external lid is, made of aluminum, it assures you that it would be a tough thing to damage it! Besides these aspects, the Z series notebook looks so great and elegant in the same time! Adorable and perfect to buy!

With the help of the VAIO display you’ll see pictures and all your documents with a nice resolution! The 13.1” display measures only 33.3 centimetres and the backlite features is what offers the user a great experience, with contrast, clarity and nice brightness!

Let’s mention also the fact that when you want to work and the surrounding light doesn’t help you, you’re helped by the backlight feature of the keyboard which automatically offers light! In the same time you receive light from the keyboard, the display reduces is intensity! In this way some energy is saved and you can get advantage of your gadget for some hours in plus!

If you have any trouble with the product, you can apply for the button ASSIST and you’ll get some responses. Let’s also mention that you have the 3G mobile features that offer you connection to different networks, while you’re on the run! To conclude, the Z series of netbooks from Sony VAIO is available starting from the end of this year’s March!

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