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Sony’s software for making movies

We were speaking last time about Sony’s Picture Motion Browser VAIO Edition and we think that you’ve made up your mind and that you’ve observed just how great this software is. In the lines to come you’re going to know more and more things concerning this application and just how effective it is.

In this particular article you’re going to find out some steps that need to be done in order to create your own movie. Ok, and if you didn’t know yet, you’re going to find out now! This application helps you make your movies from pictures or even from your videos; it depends on what type of material you have in your laptop.

Video Editing

You’re going to find out about three essential things that need to be done in order to realize your own movie and these are really easy in the same time….

The first step involves selecting your photos or videos from your own laptop and you have to decide well on what particular files you want to use from your gadget.

The next step involves the usage of a suitable template, decide on the music you think it’s appropriate for this video of yours and also make sure you decide on some special effects. There are also some advanced editing features, which are really helpful because they modify sometimes almost drastically your pictures. Some of these effects will be explained in the lines to come (trim, crop, red eye effect removal, HD up scaling, contrast and brightness and many others).

Video Noise Reduction

If you click the “start” option your movie will begin to be realized and the software will turn out to be more than useful.

So, as you could observe only from reading, making your own movies isn’t a difficult thing at all, because there are practically three steps involved and these involve simplicity when it comes to using the tasks.

We were mentioning something about the HD up scaling. Well, from SD resolution you can jump to HD resolution in your videos, everything will be seen in other eyes and this will be a great thing in case you want to realize a movie that can be placed in the category of “top quality”.

Photo Brightness

Some other features involve the photo stabilizer that modifies the shaky pictures into clear ones in which every little detail can be observed and noticed. Indeed, you need such features if you want a top quality movie.

The noise can be sometimes really unpleasant to the eyes and there are many people that want to get rid of it. Well, if you want something that denotes the highest level of quality then this means that with the noise reduction you’re going to be able to this. This noise reduction that we’re mentioning about can be applied to the pictures and to the videos as well.

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