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Special offer – Asus N90SC

So, we promised to offer you as many examples as we could with special offers from Asus and we’re back with this topic in order for you to make a general idea and maybe you’re going to apply for one of these laptops, maybe they’re going to be what you were really looking for. The last time, we talked about a thin and light gadget, this time we decided that it would appropriate to share with you a multimedia laptop that will definitely be a good option in case you want to get rid of boredom and experience new things with the help of your mobile computer.

Here’s how we decided to realize a review on the Asus N90SC laptop. This one is great for playing your favorite movies, videos or make your own ones with the help of special programs that won’t be that hard to use.
The most interesting thing about this gadget is the fact that it has an 18.4” full HD display with marvelous resolution. It will be a real pleasure to enjoy your movies and videos or even to play a funny game every now and then. Let’s also mention that you can easily surf on the internet and move the windows without difficulties. Indeed, it’s a real pleasure to use this gadget and you can be sure that you won’t get bored with it. It won’t be even hard to carry this laptop around; it’s such an easy thing to take it with you in all the places you go….

Another thing that needs to be mentioned relates to the Intel Core 2 Duo processor that is really effective and it won’t involve any difficulties when it comes to its usage and multitasking. You can get advantage of multiple entertainment features and applications.

The NVIDIA GeForce G220M discrete graphics is going to be really helpful when it comes to doing all the things mentioned above. This particular graphics makes sure that you’re going to get advantage of some really interesting experiences and you’re going to feel like a part of the things you see there.

As for the Blu-ray Combo, it’s going to turn out really useful when you have some things to burn and you definitely have to take advantage of it, because there are not many laptops with this feature. The Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium operating system is going to be really useful in all the things you do and all the applications you use.

The price is a really convenient one and you can save up to $200 if you purchase this laptop directly from amazon.com.

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