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Special offer- Asus UL50AG

You’re probably wondering if there are left some other special offers for you and your pockets. Well, be happy, because we’ve found some other discounts and these come directly from Asus. There are several categories of laptops from where you can choose from and you’re going to like the examples offered here pretty much, these are strong gadgets and really great looking in the same time.

So, we start with presenting you the Asus UL50AG laptop that takes part of the category of thin and light laptops. You can do so many things with the help of this gadget that you just can’t imagine. A general idea is that such gadgets aren’t that strong if they’re light, but on the contrary, the last models seem to deliver the finest features and also, you didn’t remain disappointed in what concerns these.

Asus UL50AG 2

There’s only one month left up to the end of this summer and you should hurry up, because these offers are going to get wasted and so, you won’t end up with a good bargain and a powerful product in the same time.

So, let’s present some features concerning the Asus UL50AG laptop, shall we? Well, this laptop besides the fact that it’s thin and light you can be sure that is going to deliver the finest features in the same time; with the help of the 15.6” LED backlit HD display you’re not going to get bored you can be sure of that. You can carry this laptop in all the places you intend on going and in the same time you’re going to get advantage of the finest movies and videos on this high quality screen.

The Intel Core 2 Dup processor is really effective and it can be really useful when it comes to multitasking and power saving functions in the same time, because it’s ultra-low voltage, fact that pleases us pretty much.

Asus UL50AG 3

The chiclet keyboard is really easy to use and your fingers won’t stumble one into the other while you’re using this gadget; there’s also the multi-touch track pad that won’t involve any difficulties when it comes to its usage. You can easily scroll through the pages and this won’t be a problem at all.

We mentioned about the ultra-low voltage Intel Core 2 Duo processor, didn’t we? Well, we’re back with its features and you’re going to get advantage of a battery life of 12 hours, fact that should definitely please you.

The Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium operating system is very easy to use and you won’t encounter any difficulties when it comes to different applications and programs. If you buy yourself this laptop from the amazon.com site, then you can save about $100. Does this seem tempting enough to you?

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