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Alienware gaming laptops

When it comes to the activity of gaming it isn’t hard to say what products are the greatest in this field and let’s admit it: Alienware laptops are simply great and must haves when it comes to real gamers that respect their selves. You already know some things about these …

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DELL Laptops

Dell laptops are great as you could already observe from our numerous articles up to this moment. This time we’ve chosen to speak about these in general and here’s how you’re going to make a general idea concerning these great gadgets and maybe you’re going to buy one in the …

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Alienware M11x gaming laptop review

Another great gaming computer awarded at the CES 2010 is Alienware M11x, which has a starting price of $799. The price is ok compared with other gaming computers and it also has great technical features and interesting aspect!

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Alienware M15x review

Alienware M15x can be considered as the little brother of Alienware M17x. both are really strong and have great technical features. So if you’re a real gamer it doesn’t matter if you have one or another, it’s important you possess such gadgets! M15x (has the Intel i7 processor!) looks similar …

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