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Colored Dell gadgets

Everybody wants his or her gadget unique in a manner or another. You can realize this thing with a special configuration or with picking a laptops skin, or as Dell suggests it to us: choose a special design. We were curios in finding out what models are there and we …

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Laptop skins for ladies

Notebook and laptop skins are specially designed to protect the external lid from scratches, dust and the exterior factors that may damage the aspect of the gadget. Most of you may prefer to keep your thingy in the manner that you bought it, considering that it isn’t relevant to adorn …

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Laptop skins

So, you finally get to buy a good laptop, you love it, because you can do so many things with it, but you feel like something`s missing! Do you want to confer a touch of personality to your laptop? It`s no problem, because you can find several models of skin …

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