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Apple and mini laptops

Apple laptops are ideal to be taken into account in case you’re looking for a gadget that can be used in your daily activities and you can easily carry it in the places you go. Also, other good options seem to us mini laptops, because they’re small, cheap and you …

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Dell refurbished netbooks

We all love how the netbooks look like and most of all we appreciate the fact that they’re really easy to be carried around and to use. Leaving all these things behind we want you to know about this great thing: on the official Dell store you can find refurbished …

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Sony laptops – Sony VAIO W series review

We’ve been promising you to speak about all the series of notebooks and laptops from Sony and we’re back with this topic and with the W series of great looking gadgets that are described with “beauty inside and out” and after reading some lines we totally agree with this statement.

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Sony VAIO Pink

Are you into the sassy things and really love pink? Have you seen the pink Sony VAIO VGN? Well, here’s a suggestion! Call your boyfriend cause we`re presenting this pink gadget, make him see what characteristics it has, and maybe he`ll buy you one for Christmas! This pretty little notebook …

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Mini laptops

Large laptops tend to be heavy because their battery seems to be improved, so in this situation what do you have to do? Are you an on “a run” person? The answer is simple… try getting yourself a mini laptop and surely your requirements will be responded to. Mini laptops …

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