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Sony VAIO laptops

Sony VAIO laptops are exquisite products and these things can be observed only by looking at their great looks and at their prices. Ok, but let’s not jump into conclusions and admit some things only by appearances, let’s also dig in into the world of the mobile computers that lay …

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Sony laptops – Sony VAIO W series review

We’ve been promising you to speak about all the series of notebooks and laptops from Sony and we’re back with this topic and with the W series of great looking gadgets that are described with “beauty inside and out” and after reading some lines we totally agree with this statement.

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Methods of saving energy and being eco

All the great companies and brands that produce mobile gadgets like computers and not only have a tendency of remembering you every time that you have to be eco friendly. There are so many ways in which you can save power that you just can’t imagine! Also, besides being friend …

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Sony VAIO E 17 inch Series

We’re left with presenting the VAIO Series 17”, because last time we’ve dealt with the other one, meaning the 14” Series. This gadget is described as being a perfect replacement for the desktop computer, with its wide 17” display and great features, more specifically 17.3”….

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