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The colored Sony VAIO CW series

We just don’t know how we forgot about Sony VAIO’s CW series. These mobile gadgets express your personality and power throughout marvelous colors. You can choose between colors like pink, blue, red, white and of course the classical black. See what color suits you the most but up that moment let’s mention some technical features and not only regarding this exquisite looking series of laptops.

We start with the exterior aspect of this gadget, because we mentioned some lines before about the colors…. So this line has a great keyboard, which is designed carefully in order to provide you the control and comfort you need.

Besides the glossy colors your skin will feel a soft external lid that is similar to a caress. There’s also the need of mentioning that you have a line of accessories besides the gadget: the mouse, a carrying case and also a mousemat.

This sleek design of gadgets has a 13” display that will certainly be useful when you’re traveling and you feel like watching a movie. It seems like the perfect travel companion, isn’t that right?

We’ve mentioned some things about being eco friendly some days ago and we’re back with this characteristic that can be found in the Sony VAIO CW notebooks. You need to know that many of the components of these gadgets have at the basis recycled materials and there’s also a display OFF button that will help you save power when you’re not using the screen and you’re only listening to music.
We forgot to say that the screen will display vivid colors and sharp details and all your pictures will look natural with less reflection.

You’ll receive extra performance with the help of the Intel Centrino 2 processor technology and with the powerful NVIDIA graphics. Multitasking will seem piece of cake with this deliciously looking gadget.

The Windows 7 operating system will help you throughout all the things you intend on doing and let’s not forget that everything will be much easier with the help of this gadget. All your media and documents can be stored on the large 320 GB hard drive, so space isn’t a problem for you.

The last things we want to mention about relate to different types of connection: there’s the HDMI input that will help you to see all the information from your gadget on a large screen of the HDTV, there are also the 3 USB sockets, the Memory Stick PRO and SD Card slots, the WiFi and the Bluetooth and also the iLink feature. All of these features and spaces will help you into experiencing an intense mobile computer experience.

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