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The hybrid notebook Lenovo IdeaPad U1

Some days ago Lenovo announced bringing up a hybrid mobile computer, which is IdeaPad U1. The device features a detachable screen and offers the privilege to consumers to have two computers in one, each computer has its own technical features (processor and operating system), work together or independently, depending on the buyer’s necessities!

This unique hybrid is especially designed for those that want a double mobile computer experience! With its multiple big pluses, the U1 will certainly make the buyer happy no matter what part he chooses to use in that particular moment!


U1 is thin and has an exterior red shell, which can be easily removed and transformed into a screen! This screen has a multi touch slate tablet! This notebook certainly looks like a piece of clothing or jewelry you can detach and reattach the part you want to get advantage of!

In the initial form, with the scarlet red exterior shell, Lenovo Ideapad U1 has a 11.6” HD LED display, when the multi touch display is removed, it gets an independent shape, with an ARM processor!

This smart gadget is designed in such a manner that it won’t fail! For instance if you’re blogging in laptop mode and detach the multi touch tablet slate you can continue browsing on the stranger component! These two parts are especially made to work both separate and together! You can use the steady product to store documents and different intimate details and you can use the tablet separately, as the mobile device!


The tablet interface has two types of capacities, if it can be said in that way! It has a six-section screen display made especially for browsing easily on the internet throughout the multi touch experience, and do multiple things in the same time, like blogging, email, chatting with friends or even preparing documents for work or even watch a movie or cartoon! The other part is the four-sectioned display which is made for simpler applications, such as modifying pictures, viewing video clips and pictures! These two types of screen displays can easily change from one to another!

The notebook has a webcam incorporated, which makes chatting easier, and let’s not mention the microphone and the speakers, which must be understood without speaking of them! Another nice feature is the 3G web browsing! For all these good features this hybrid notebook has a starting price of 1000$, but it depends on the area you live! It’s better to watch for this notebook on the sites in your origin language and you’ll certainly find out what you need to know!

So, who could have thought of this nice product! It’s good looking, interesting and it has nice features! The detachable screen with multi touch proprieties seems the most tempting thing of all, doesn’t it? so, it’s kind of cool to buy a product that has two “brains” and get advantage of them both!

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