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The improved series of Eee PC Seashell by ASUS

Asus promised at the end of the year 2009 to give a better series of notebooks with improvements. How could this thing be done? With the help of the new Intel Atom processors that offer reliability, great features and let’s not forget to mention that Asus also promised to give a resistant series of notebooks, meaning gadgets that can handle your long trips and journeys without a plug nearby!

The notebooks that are pretended to have improvements are the much awarded line of Eee PC Seashell Series! What products are included in this series? Well, the Eee PC Seashell 1005P and also Eee PC Seashell 1005PE and 1001P! These three products must include the new series of the second generation of Intel Atom processors.

Let’s see what’s the exact process when the new type of processor from Intel is used: when the N450 processor is used together with the ASUS exclusive Super Hybrid Engine Technology will automatically give a better period of “existence” to the battery, especially in the Seashell notebooks! That’s what makes the new cope so special, and that’s why these notebooks will be so effective and will certainly be excellent travel companions to the buyers and consumers!
A wonderful thing also about the Eee PC Seashell models is that they have the Super Hybrid Engine that permits the user to do multitasking without a very high quantity of battery consumption! What seems to be the most wonderful thing is the fact that the lifetime battery can go up to 14 hours and surely this notebook is designed for the people always on the run! The fact that you can use a mobile computer for more than a half a day without charging its battery seems an exceptional thing and this line of notebooks seems to deserve all the prizes in the world!

This improved line of notebooks permits the consumers to do multiple actions in the same time! Actions like blogging, browsing for photos, searching the web for their needed folders and things, playing games, chatting on different chatting programs…. All these things can be done in the same time! It sounds great, but few are the people that do so many things in the same time! These multiple actions done in the same time really show the great features of the new line of notebooks to come!

With this new line of products that is going to come, ASUS deserves totally the 2010 iF product design award! Just think of how many things you can do with such a product and how long can you get advantage of it during the entire day! It’s just great to see that your portable computer resists about half a day without charging its battery! The Eee PC Seashell line will be a blast and many of the consumers will certainly want to buy these improved gadgets!

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