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The Intel Winning Case Offer

Here’s a great offer that we’re sure you already know about and that’s why we’re here in order to remind it to you! Also, if you don’t have a clue about what we’re speaking there’s no problem because you’re going to receive the right amount of information and you’re going to find out all the necessary pieces of information.

So, this great offer comes from Intel and it has started from the 20th of July and it ends on the 30th of September, being made for the American citizens and consumers.

We’re certain that you read with interest all the reviews on the latest laptops that have at the basis the newest Intel Core processors and this particular category of consumers that have bought lately such a product, they are the target!

If you have a laptop that has at the basis one of the following parts: the Intel i7-660UM, Intel i7-640UM, Intel i5-540UM, Intel i5-520UM, Intel i5-430UM or the Intel i3-330UM you’re eligible or this contest. Let’s also mention that this isn’t the unique thing that must be respected, it’s also the fact that you have to complete some forms on the official page of Intel or on go-asus.com. There you can find all the forms that you need.

We didn’t mention about what can be received if you happen to win, well you can win a laptop case and the contest is named “The Intel Winning Case Offer”.

You can ask or receive more than one laptop sleeve, so we wish you all the luck in the worlds and let’s also mention that multiple contestants aren’t allowed all to share the same email address, it’s kind of impossible.

Try to win multiple sleeves with the usage of different emails. Logins, registrations or identities and you’re going to end up not being eligible for this contest. As you can observe there are many things that need to e respected in order to obtain just a carrying case for your laptop.

We wish you all the luck and we hope that we could provide the right amount of information and all the things that interested you in only one article. We’re certain that you’re thinking of applying for this contest in the future time and this is not a bad thing at all, because after all it’s your chance and you have to take advantage of it.

We repeat: only those that have the laptops with the latest Intel Core processors at the basis are eligible for this laptop and if you really want to buy a laptop we totally recommend you one of these because it won’t let you down at all, be certain!

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