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The new acer aspire 532

The maximum battery life is now a starting point for many notebook producers. It seems that this feature is a starting point for the producing companies, and let`s admit it`s a good thing that they take this aspect into consideration, because the modern human being is in a continuous movement and that he is always on the run!

Such a notebook producing company is Acer that hopes through the new Acer Aspire 532 the market will have a reliable netbook with a duration of the battery life up to 10 hours, which is breathtaking thing for the consumers, isn`t it?

The new product has an Intel Atom N450 core that permits the buyers to have a gadget that is able to resist multi tasking with lower power consumption, this causing the battery to last long! This Acer Aspire 532 notebook has a great graphic feature and a wonderful technical performance!


This tiny and powerful gadget has also a wonderful aspect! It`s so thin, you think for a second it`s your own folder map (22mm) and it`s less heavy than your suitcase or purse, it weights about 1 kilo. The keyboard is also special, it`s especially designed so you can press with pleasure on the keys and your fingers won`t slip, because of the new improved texture of the buttons! The keyboard occupies a large surface and that`s why the keys are bigger and easier to use! He touchpad is also wonderful, it has the multi-gesture technology, which won`t give you any problems with moving the cursor from a place to another, also will permit you to move from a document to another and browse easily on the blogs you like the more!

This netbook seems to be especially made for those who really love to be on the run! Its maximum battery life surely helps you when you`re on a trip to who knows where! And make sure, you`ll blog, you can chat and check your email every time you feel like, because of its lower consumption power you won`t have problems! And another great thing is the AC adapter, which is thin and you can take it with you everywhere, in case you know you`ll use the gadget more than 10 hours!


As mentioned before, the new Aspire One 532 has an Intel Atom N450 processor and the other technical elements such as the 2 GB of DDR2 memory (with the NM10 Express Chipset), and a HDD of 250 GB capacity. The WiFi reassures you that you can get advantage of the wireless experience every where you want and any time!

The 10” display helps you not to get bored during your long travels and its LED backlight will help you when the light surrounding light can`t help you anymore. The CrystalBrite WSVGA display offers you clarity during your games, movies and blogging activities!

This nice notebook has also a webcam and a microphone installed, in order for you to have discussions and chats with your family and friends no matter where you are!

As you can see the new Acer Aspire 532 has great proprieties and seems to suit perfectly those people who are always on the run!

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