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The new Acer TimelineX series

You surely like the Timeline series from Acer…. Ok so what about we tell you about the TimelineX, which is a wonderful way in which the battery life is extended from great to amazing?!

These new models of the Acer Timeline series can be found under the sign of an X. Acer seems to combine perfectly the needs of the consumers, to be more specific: the modern consumers. It is well known that they (the modern users) want a powerful product with extra battery life, so this is what they are offered….Acer TimelineX seems to highlight itself through elegance and ultra-slim features in the same time and let’s not forget also that it’s really powerful.

We like the idea of a gadget that has Intel processor, HD multimedia, dedicated graphics, Dolby system, great ways of connecting worldwide and also resistance that goes over 8 hours…. So this is exactly what Acer offers and you no longer have “to suffer” for all these great things, because you can find them in the TimelineX line…. In other words: you won’t get a long resistant battery life gadget with strong technical powers or the other way around, you get the same things in the same gadget, that means 2 in 1.

The components and not only are made in order to save power and the surrounding environment. these gadgets have backlit LED displays that cope with iDSPT( Intel Display Power Savings), which offer great quality with saving 30% of the power, this is only one of the features…. Another one regards the newest generation of hard disks with low power consumption and that don’t make noise at all! Let’s not mention the fact that it has also a cooling system, which helps the battery consume little energy and the last specification, but not the least regards the new Intel Core processors with extra powerful features at a low usage of battery power!

the new Acer TimelineX series

So you have full system performance and the battery is affected as less as possible. Press only one time the PowerSmart button and the duration of the battery will increase. In this manner you’ll enjoy your powerful gadget as much as you want.

Here’s another great thing: when you charge the battery fully, the power supply is intervened and so, the energy consumption is reduced.

Enough talking about the technical features, let’s mention some things also about the exterior of this product. You may expect a hard gadget, not light at all that is carried with difficulty around…. Well, be surprised because on the contrary, it’s thinner now and it weighs between 1.8 and 2.4 kg. The TimelineX series has a gray aluminum lid with a part near the keyboard that feels like satin when you touch it. It’s elegant and powerful in the same time…. It sounds great!

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