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The new LIFEBOOK notebooks by Fujitsu

About a week ago, Fujitsu announced the fact that it is going to launch the new LIFEBOOK notebooks, which is an interesting thing! These powerful notebooks have the latest Intel technology, which means the new Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors! Good for them, for all, because all the companies seem to take advantage and use these types of processor!

These new notebooks seem to characterize themselves with reliability, great power and powerful technical features, these gadgets are easier to configure and use then before, meaning that consumers can use these gadgets with multitasking and without a massive loss of energy in the same time. The business field seems to be the most advantaged when it comes to these great proprieties and will get advantage of tools like repair, isolation, configuration, diagnosis to the unresponsive gadgets!

The powerful LIFEBOOK notebooks provide buyers with the high quality of the Intel processors and the vPro features that permit great qualities, reliability, and protection and to be used in an easier manner!

So, Fujitsu promises to launch great and new LIFEBOOK notebooks, with several aptitudes and great features! Here are the first five models of the notebooks that have been brought to the public: LIFEBOOK S710, LIFEBOOK S760, LIFEBOOK E780, and LIFEBOOK P770. Another model is a tablet PC and its name is LIFEBOOK T900. These gadgets grant reliability, great performance can be used by all, and are perfect for those that work in an office and need a business notebook for several applications, folders and files! Other two models are LIFEBOOK NH570 and the LIFEBOOK AH550 can be used at home and also in the business field, at the office!
The new line of notebooks provides great aspect gadgets, that have a long life battery, super security and protection proprieties, can be managed easily and have great technical features!

The notebook LIFEBOOK S760 is a wonderful gadget that has an Intel Core processor and has a vPro technology! The 13” display reassures you the fact that you can enjoy the great display colors and shapes. The gadget is also very thin and weights about 1.6 kilos, and let`s not forget about the long lasting battery that resists up to 8 hours. It`s an easy product, you can handle it very well, and you can take it with you during your long business travels and won`t get bored at all! Let`s not forget about the great features that involve the wireless proprieties and also you can store and make your business projects on it! It has also an USB charger, which permits you to fill your devices throughout the USB ports even when the notebook is turned off! It has an ATP system protection that allows for your secret documents and business works to be deleted by their own if the product is stolen! This is a wonderful gadget and also has a great keyboard, a resistant external shell, made out of magnesium!

As you can see Fujitsu has only good things for the consumers and the laptop and notebook market is going to be a rough one this year, as it`s already predicted!

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