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The new MSI U135 Wind

Some days ago MSI announced the availability of the ntebook MSI Wind U 135. This line is especially desgined to celebrate the one million netbooks Wind models sold worldwide that contain the powerful and reliable Intel pine Trail Platform with the Atom N450 processor.

There are multiple nuances for this netbook: Midnight Blue, Sleek Silver, Ruby and Dusk. In the lines to come we’re going to describe a little bit of these exterior colors, but first let’s mention some technical features of the Wind family…..

160 GB or 250 GB HD, 1 GB of DDR2 memory, Genunine Windows 7 Starter, 802.11 b/g/n wireless, these are some of the technical proprieties that describe this product! Besides these, let’s speak about the CPU and single chipset architecture cope in consuming only 7 watts , so the battery of 3 cells or 6 cells will resist in time and goes up to 7.5 hours of durability!

the new MSI U135 Wind 2

The 10” LED display type WSVGA has good resolution and permits you to watch movies or cartoons in the best ways possible. Let’s mention that you have also a 1.3 MP webcam incorporated, which allows you to talk freely with those that are far, far away from you or a simple chat with your friends or pals!

The netbook has also an ECO Engine technology has five options of savin power modes: Movie, Presentation, Document, Turbo Battery or Gaming…. These modes help you to save power and confer a long lasting battery life and reliability of the gadget!

You have a chiclet keyboard and a nice to feel touch pad! The keys are large and it won’t be anyptoblem in you feeling or touching them! The external color of the lid goes down to the front side of the gadget and offers you a glossy view! Besides the 1.3 Mp webcam, you also have a D-Sub port, a 4-in-1 card reader and 3USB 2.0 ports!

As mentioned before, the U135 Wind can be found in several nuances, and now we’ll take every color available…. The first nuance is Midnight Blue it looks glossy like the other colors! It’s a nice blue, inspired by the sky in the middle of the night! It’s a serene color and certainly it can be adopted by a really calm person! After all, your gadget speaks about your personality most of the times!

the new MSI U135 Wind 3

The Sleek Silver variant is fine and also glossy! It has a metallic touch and certainly is adopted by those that have minimalistic tastes! White can be too exquisite for some, but silver can satisfy all needs and it isn’t that precious, at least, when it’s so shimmering that you feel like eating it!

The next color type is Ruby Rose! This color is certainly for those that really enjoy life, are very passionate of something and are in a conitnuous move! So feel free to buy such a gadget as long as you encounter yourself in the description!

The final nuance is Dusk, which simply looks delightful! A dark color, inspired by the night and it’s also for a strong person that is fond of what he or she wants!

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