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The New Sony VAIO 14 inch Series

Here’s another great example of how simplicity blends with great looks. We’re talking in particular about Sony VAIO’s new E series. We’re going to mention especially about the spicy looking VAIO E Series 14” and also about the thin and large-screened VAIO E Series 17”….


These two lines are characterized through the newest Intel Core processors and the best graphics from ATI, easy to use and Quick Web Access, VAIO keys and ASSIST. Want some other great things? Well here you have them: the high-contrast and bright VAIO display which is backlit and easy transfers with the help of 4xUSB (with eSATA or USB ports).
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Use the 14” notebook with a colorful exterior for daily activities like blogging, simply browsing or getting advantage of the multimedia features and  the 17” notebook, which is placed under a slim lid for HD entertainment of the ultimate type, enjoy it alone or together with your loved ones.


Let’s have a little “chit-chat” regarding the VAIO E Series 14”…. So, you will surely be noticed by those surrounding you if you choose this gadget! It can be encountered in different ranges of colors. For instance you can use a green that will certainly catch the eyes of those who you’ll talk to or simply sit next to them, there’s also a gloss white for those that are more into the classical aspect, blue for those that love the sea or the sky or simply love blue, a vivid pink for those sassy ladies and last, but not least is the gloss black (exclusive UK model)….


One can clearly see the VAIO logo, which is silvery and lays there on the upper side of the external lid; inside you can find a low-resistance touchpad, which can be felt underneath the palm rest really smooth.


Let’s say also that its display is perfect for viewing the latest movies in great colors and vivid aspect, in high-contrast and not only…. The backlit display it super sharp 1600 x 900, meaning that it will help you surely in your multimedia activities.

In the beginning we mentioned about the WEB button. But what does this button do in particular? It helps the consumer start browsing on the internet without having to boot up the gadget. You can also use two pages in the same time with the help of the Quick Web Access key. Also, use also the ASSIST button every time when you feel like you don’t know what to do.

The VAIO E Series 14” has inside it the latest Intel processor, up to 4 GB of DDR3 memory, ATI mobility Radeon 5000, HD movie playback and media-rich web sites. As you can see there are only great things about this new series of notebooks and that’s it until now, but we promise to continue with the other line, meaning the VAIO E Series 17”.

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