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The new Sony VAIO P series

Some time ago we made a review on the Sony VAIO P series; now it’s time to get back with this subject and bring you what’s mew related do this series. Besides the things that we presented you last time, we would like to continue with some other features that will catch your eyes from the first moment….

To commence we would like to mention some additions: there’s the grip style touchpad, the e-compass and the GPS, the screen rotation and also it’s the ambient light sensor too. To these great features we would like to add also that this gadget can be found in several vibrant colors that are meant to express everybody’s attitude and way of thinking. We hope that you enjoy our review and maybe in the future time you’re thinking of applying for one of these pretty colored gadgets.

The new Sony VAIO P series 2

We were mentioning something about the grip style touchpad. Well, it won’t be a problem to use this “accessory” anymore and from now on you’re going to know always where you are with only one grip and only one tap. Also, if you want additional information your P series gadget will make sure that you obtain it immediately.

Also, the e-compass and the GPS will always be helpful in case you need to know where exactly you are, in what area or if you don’t know a street be sure that these features will indicate this to you.

If you’re fed up with seeing your wallpaper or videos from the same angles, this won’t be a problem anymore because with the P series gadgets you can see from every angle you like without facing any problems: web pages, newsfeeds, and blogs and so on, these won’t seem a mystery anymore.

The ambient light sensor permits the display to diminish or increase de quantity of light in order for you to see great colors and vivid in the same time. Be sure that this feature will be useful every time the surrounding light doesn’t help at all!

The new Sony VAIO P series 3

So did we convince you yet to buy this gadget? Well, we should have…. As for the other features, we would like to mention these vaguely: it’s really lightweight and you can simply place it in your mini purse if you like. Take it out from your pocket and begin pressing the keys, while you’re in the sub, at school or home in front of your TV and you see commercials on. To be more specific, this gadget weighs around 600g and this is really great for a pocket pc. You may think that being small affects its keyboard, well, not at all- you can get advantage of full keys and feel pleasure while you’re tapping them.

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