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The Windows Vista Ultimate operating system

We’ve been mentioning about operating systems several times and we thought it would be interesting to realize a comparison between several versions of the Windows operating system so you make up your mind on one.

Let’s take as an example the Dell laptops. Once you buy a brand new such gadget it has the Windows XP Professional operating system that’s already installed. You can change it with the Windows 7 Business, because it comes attached too.

Up to this moment the most efficient operating system version of Windows is the Vista Ultimate and it offers you the best conditions as you’ll see in the lines to come…. This variant has extreme security with the help of the Firewall and the Windows defender; also you can protect your data with the help of the Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption, realize wonderful movies and videos with the high definition Movie Maker program and these aren’t the only things!

To the things mentioned above, we would like to add: the Instant Search feature together with the Internet Explorer, there’s also the Windows Aero Experience, the Tablet PC Support and the Mobility Center, the Meeting Space Productivity Program, the Windows Sideshow (with the helps of which you can add displays and gadgets), the Media Center feature (perfect for picture and video entertainment and also watch TV via TV tuner). Do you think that these things are enough? Well, these aren’t enough, because we’ve got more stuff about the Windows Vista Ultimate….

Some other features and proprieties that you may want to know about are the Complete Restore and PC Backup, the Scheduled Backup, the sharing center and the network too, let’s also not forget about the Windows Scan and Fax too.

All of the things mentioned previously concern the Windows Vista Ultimate operating system and a variant that’s close to this one is the Vista Home Premium. The only things that these don’t have in common are the sharing feature with the Windows Fax and Scan, the backup and the Windows BitLocker Drive Encription.

What do Windows XP Home and Windows Vista Home Basic have had in common with the Windows Vista Ultimate? Well it has the Windows Firewall and Defender. And only the Windows Vista Home Basic has the Instant Search stuff and the sharing and network center.

We hope that we kind of brought you some things that were in your interest. Also, after reading this topic we hope that you made a general idea and that you’ve decided on one of these variants of the Windows operating system. We demonstrated that these are effective; the only thing remaining is for you to make a decision and see what variant to buy for your laptop!

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