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There’s a Dell Mini Inspirion for everyone

Dell seems to have a very tricky advertising strategy, highlighting the fact that it has a netbook for everyone. So if you enter on the official site of the brand you’ll see that it doesn’t matter, you’ll be able to find a suiting Inspiron Mini deal and all have a price around $300 more or less. This is a good idea, because everyone will be able to buy such a product only by earning little money and the less fortunate sector, if it can be said in this way are the young ones.

The first Inspiron Mini deal you get in contact with stays under the prerogative of “travel bundle”, it has a starting price of $399, but hurry up because it has limited time offer, you have a built-in GPS, let’s not forget about the 10.1” LED display and the standalone GPS receiver with Quick Fix capability.

The next offer stays under the logo “fast track bundle” , it has a starting price of $279 that’s ultra great, it can be delivered in 48 hours as it is mentioned, let’s not forget the fact that you have included a Windows 7 Starter!

The “sports fan bundle” has a starting price of $399. This netbook has a watch-over-the-air, live digital broadcast with a built-in TV Tuner, this means that if you’re a sports fan you’ll be able to watch all the matches and enjoy with your favorite teams! This notebook has an 1.3 MP built in webcam, which will certainly help you during your chats with your friends or close ones.

We move on with the “design studio bundle”, which can have several presentations, you can choose from a range of offers. You can choose from the OPI line we already presented you some topics before. Leaving all these aspects behind, you should hurry up because the price is really good: $379 and let’s mention also that it is a limited time offer and that you also get a genuine Windows 7 Starter included.

Under the title of “kids bundle-Nickelodeon edition” you get a Mini at a price of $329, with a slime design that will be considered as very attractive by children. You have the awesome SLIME design included at this price, this is a limited time offer and let’s mention that you can explore freely Nickelodeon interactive features with a full creative content.
You ca “make a difference bundle” can be found under the price of $349. Here you have a pink Inspiron, and by buying this product you help with $5 women affected by breast cancer! Buy a pink Mini and save researches and the education field! We need to mention also that there is a limited time offer!

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