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ThinkPad batteries

Now computing is not a matter of place it`s a matter of how long does it resist! The modern technology offers you a great range of products and assures you that you have top quality at great prices. When we think of long resistant mobile gadgets we just feel our hearts beating faster. The modern human being feels like he doesn’t have all the necessary time for doing all his things, but he needs extra time resistance from his notebook or laptop.

In order to have gadgets with long life, the big brands in the field offer you numerous possibilities and you have to make sure that you get advantage of them. A great deal is offered by Lenovo and it ends March the 3rd , you have to hurry up! Lenovo offers you on his official shopping website some great offers regarding ThinkPad batteries with extra powers at a great price….

And you may ask yourself “what`s so special about ThinkPad batteries?”. The fact that your gadget will be unplugged longer is the main thing that will interest you…. This is the main characteristic thing about this type of battery. But there`s also a “but” it depends on certain factors like: the application you use, the features, power management, screen brightness and so on….

You have there the ThinkPad Z60m/T60/R60 Series 9 Cell Li-Ion Battery that has a great price of $143.20, from $179. This type of battery is compatible with T60/R60, T61/R61, Z60m, Z61e, T500, R500, W500, SL300, SL400, SL500 models, only ThinkPad models that is….

Another type of battery that can be bought until the 3rd of March is ThinkPad X200 Series 9 Cel Li-Ion Battery, which has a price of $143. This one has standard system battery specifications, over-discharge protection and disposes of the Li-Ion technology, which is a marvelous thing.

The ThinkPad Battery 22 can be found at the same price as the batteries presented above, meaning $143. Think of how much time does the gadget resist staying unplugged with this type of battery. You are going to take advantage of the 4-cell battery capacity, doubled that is…. me? About 8 hours, and you got your answer. This battery helps you a lot as you can see and we bet that you simply can`t imagine yourself all day long in front of the computer. This thing will be possible from now on with these models of batteries.
The last battery is different from the others from the fact that it`s an 8-cell battery, compared to the others which are 9-cell batteries. The cells give you all the information you need: stronger gadgets with multiplied cells! This is a great thing and we assure you that you won`t be disappointed…

So hurry up, we mentioned at the beginning of this topic that these great bargains can be encountered until the 3rd of March!

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