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ThinkPad X201, ThinkPad X201s and ThinkPad X201 Tablet by Lenovo

There are gadgets like ThinkPad X201/X201s and ThinkPad X201 Tablet that make your life easier. Just think of all the things you’re able to do, while you’re on the run.

Regarding the price we would like to say that ThinkPad X201 has a starting price of $1,099, ThinkPad X201s costs from $1,349 and ThinkPad X201 Tablet has a starting price of $2,134. As you can see these are not cheap at all, but when we’re going to mention about the technical features and the specs maybe you’re going to change your mind regarding this aspect….


ThinkPad X201


ThinkPad X201


ThinkPad X201


ThinkPad X201


ThinkPad X201


ThinkPad X201

Use these marvelous and really thin products for as long as you wish because there’s a high life resistance regarding them! You have up to 12 hours of usage time, without unplugging the gadget! Really great isn’t it?

The Tablet PC has a SuperBright Outdoor screen, which will certainly help you if you’re working inside or outside! You’ll see all the processes you intend on doing without any problems! This feature is optional but we’re certain that you want to take advantage of it!

With these gadgets you’ll be able to connect to the Internet no matter where you find yourself and at what moment of the day!


ThinkPad X201s

Carry your Tablet even if you have classes! It will help you, because you can write directly on it, sheets won’t be needed anymore! Just think of how much space is saved if you use this gadget in this purpose!

These were some basic features regarding all the products presented above! In the lines to come you’re going to see some technical specifications regarding them.

We’re going only to mention its specs and you’ll draw the conclusions: up to 25% efficiency than other products’, the Intel Core i line of processors (with their Turbo Boost features), Windows 7 Lenovo  (which will permit your gadget to shut down and startup easily) and think of how many time is saved by using these marvelous gadgets!


ThinkPad X201 Tablet

With these gadgets you’re data is saved from the first moment! You won’t encounter any difficulties when it comes to the inside or outside protection! The BIOS, the keyboard, the software…. All are protected in a way or another. The exterior side is also really powerful it’s made of magnesium alloy and the bottom side is made of carbon-glass fiber, and we’re going to make a joke now saying that you can drop it freely! But such things aren’t wanted! The keyboard is also resistant to spills. But avoid drinking and leaving your glass somewhere near the gadget, because you may never know….

With the 12.1” LED display with its backlit features, you’re going to place all your notes and this will be a piece of cake with the multi touch screen and the digitizer pen. This is between all the other marvelous stuff you can apply for if you buy such a gadget!

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