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Top 10 best laptops – other gadgets

Now that we were speaking about top 10 best laptops we think it’s appropriate for us to continue with sharing the other models with you, the other ones that were placed on the last 5 places in the top 10.

Another thing that we have to add is that we hope you enjoyed reading about the previous examples and that you encountered there the one that looks like dreamy to you.

So, shall we continue with the gadget that occupies the 6th spot in the top 10 of best laptops? The next one is Lenovo IdeaPad Y510 that is really interesting in the same time and you can be certain that you’re not going to regret taking it into account. So, we’re speaking about this one that has a price around $670 that we consider pretty affordable. Indeed, it’s an interesting gadget, it may not be that thin and light, but it definitely has interesting technical features at the basis.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y510

There’s the other product that needs to be taken into account and which occupies the 7th place in this top. We’re speaking about the Sony VAIO P series of laptops, so it’s no matter what laptop of this line and you have to know that you can purchase one around the price of $1,500. Indeed, saying the price hurts, but you know very well that the Sony VAIO products can be considered really luxurious and interesting to be taken into account- they have a gorgeous exterior aspect and in the same time they offer good technical features.

Sony VAIO P series

There’s also the Lenovo IdeaPad Y730 laptop that we want to mention about and you have to take into account as well, since we’ve realized recently a review on this particular gadget. This one can be encountered around the price of $2,000 and we think that you enjoyed it pretty much. Also, this one as the previous may not be the lightest gadget in this world, but it’s definitely one to take into account and appreciate pretty much.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y730

The 8th place is occupied by the Lenovo IdeaPad U110 that can be encountered around the price of $1,799. This one is really interesting as well and in comparison with the previous two, it’s lighter and greater looking and you can carry it with you in all the places you intend on going.

Lenovo IdeaPad U110

The last position in our top 10 best laptops is occupied by the Asus K42 laptops from the series with the same name.

Asus K42

These may have a 14” display, but we’re sure that this dimension is more than enough when we’re speaking of getting advantage of gorgeous features. You can purchase this product around the price of $920 and it’s indeed one to take into account.

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