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Top 10 of best laptops

We know just how important is it to you to know always the lists of best rated laptops and with all the gadgets that we’ve gathered up to this moment we decided to realize a top 10 of best laptops and we hope that you enjoy reading it, because it’s really actual and interesting.

We would like to start with mentioning about the Compaq Presario CQ62Z, which is really gorgeous looking in the same time and you can be sure of its features. This one was presented in a previous review of ours and as you could observe with your own eyes it has all the rights of occupying the first place. You can found this one around the price of $380.

Compaq Presario CQ62Z

Next in the top 10 best laptops you can observe the Apple MacBook Pro that is going to make the difference not only though the gorgeous visuals, the interesting aspect and effective technical features…. Don’t forget that Apple laptops are unique and they’re all about a certain level of minimalism and elegance in the same time. You can find this gadget around the price of $2,200 depending on what type of configuration you think it’s suitable for you.

Apple MacBook Pro

The other one that you have to take into account and on which we realized an interesting review some days ago is the HP Envy 131130nr, which is placed on the third spot with a price round $1,300. F you’re looking for a gadget that is all about entertaining you then it means that you’re in the right spot, because that’s what this one is meant for.

HP Envy 131130nr

Dell Studio 17 is the other gadget that we wanted to mention about and which can be found on the next place at a starting price of $800. This one is handy and not that hard to carry with you in all the places you intend on going. Besides this fact, it’s also really thin and you can rely on its technical features as well. It’s indeed interesting and you have to take it into account for sure….

Dell Studio 17

The other one that we thought of sharing with you and we’re sure that we realized a review on it as well- Lenovo ThinkPad T61 that can be encountered around the price of $835, depending on what you want it to contain.

Lenovo ThinkPad T61

No matter on which of these you decide to apply for, you’re not going to remain disappointed and we guarantee this thing to you. After reading every gadget’s review you’re going to draw your own conclusions and know for sure which one is appropriate for you- the best laptop for you.

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